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Our Firm

Legal Angel was founded to offer those needing legal assistance in the Las Vegas area an option for legal services from a firm that genuinely cares. Our clients and their needs are our first priority.          
Personal Service
Every client has specific needs.  So, we are available 24 hours a day via telephone and even make house calls or site visits during or outside of office hours to meet those specific needs.
Free Consultation
We offer an initial free consultation to assess your needs and estimate the potential costs associated with our employment.  Additionally, many cases we take on a contingency fee basis which can mean no up front legal fees.  We can also work out payment plans as needed to suit your budget.    
Strategy and Planning
We do not rush your case toward settlement or resolution. Throughout the litigation of your case we will discuss strategy plans in moving forward. We keep you informed so you understand the risks and costs but we do not aim to quickly settle or resolve a case unless it is absolutely the best stragey to employ in your specific case.


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